Hi! Welcome to my website. I've created it especially for students and their parents. It’s the platform where I make my expertise available to anyone who needs it, no matter where they are.
I am Zaida Everon, born and raised on the tropical island of Aruba. I have a double degree in Biology and Medical Laboratory Research and I have been teaching for 13 years.
The ability of the human mind to learn is something that amazes me everyday.
I am very passionate when it comes to helping students discover this ability in themselves. Everyone can learn but not everyone learns in the same way or at the same time.
Not only am I a teacher, I am also an educator.


It is my calling to help my students develop themselves academically but also personally as individuals. In a large classroom there is little space for individual attention. I’ve discovered that some students need one-on-one tutoring to help them understand science better. In my experience, this understanding will set off a chain reaction: as they learn how to master new skills they become eager to grow. This eagerness inspires them to persevere which will result in them taking charge of their learning.
That is why I started Z Mastery Learning.


Students need the right learning strategies and this is the channel through which I can give them essential tools to help them, from the comfort of their own homes. Modern times call for a different approach in teaching and learning. That’s what I’m here for.

I’ve fallen in love with helping students from the convenience of their own homes. I love working with my students one-on-one to help them understand science a little bit better each day and to witness the growth in confidence as they learn how to master new skills, building a growth mindset, grit, perseverance and taking agency over their learning.