Online tutoring
In our society, everyone is familiar with the term “bijles”, the Dutch word for tutoring. Some students need extra help with one or more specific subjects.
However, in the fast-paced lifestyle of today, logistics are often a challenge for both parents and students.
That is why I offer online tutoring. The student gets one on one help from me, without having to go anywhere. Parents can rest assure that their child is getting the extra help he/she needs without them having to organize transport on top of their already busy schedules.

Educational coaching
Nowadays we need to approach education in a holistic manner. There is a difference between education at home, where a child learns norms and values, and education at school, where students develop themselves academically. However, the link between these two elements often get forgotten: personal development.
Besides being a teacher, I am also an educator. Through educational coaching I aim to help each student in her/his personal development so he/she can be successful at school but also in life.

I’ve fallen in love with helping students from the convenience of their own homes. I love working with my students one-on-one to help them understand science a little bit better each day and to witness the growth in confidence as they learn how to master new skills, building a growth mindset, grit, perseverance and taking agency over their learning.